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Cooperstown Dreams Park

A Summer Tradition 2023

Umpire Program

Cooperstown Dreams Park and the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Umpires Association invites you to participate in our Cooperstown Dreams Park Umpire Program. As a guest of Cooperstown Dreams Park your stay will be expense free. Our Umpire Program has been developed and continues to grow because of the dedication and passion of those who are most responsible…you and your colleagues. It is your thoughts and ideas that guide us to enhance a program that attracts the most devoted umpires in the country. It is our pleasure to serve you.

By participating in this program, you become a member of an association and of a brotherhood of umpires who give their time and energy to youth baseball. The Cooperstown Dreams Park Umpire Program experience will expose you to 1,352 baseball communities and 16,000 youth participants from across the country. It is here you will have the opportunity to create a deeper appreciation of an umpire's role in the game both on and off the field. Your involvement with the game's most prized ambassadors: the players, coaches and team family members preserves the game's most valuable lessons of hustle, sportsmanship, competition and fairness.

Great plans are in place for another season! To learn more about Cooperstown Dreams Park or the Umpire Program call us at (704) 630-0050.

Send your Umpire Program Participation Form via fax to (704) 630-0737.
We encourage you and your umpire colleagues to share this experience together by allowing yourselves the opportunity of a lifetime.

Cooperstown Dreams Park Umpire Program

In the words of an Umpire . . .

"I will never forget umpiring on the 4th of July as 'Old Glory' was waving in the breeze down the foul lines. How proud I was to be an American and umpire in Cooperstown at Dreams Park! What a gorgeous setting, the fields and the mountains in the background, and the summer splendor of the cool New York countryside. This was an awesome and incredible experience for a country boy from Mississippi."

Andy Hartel
Columbus, MS

Cooperstown Dreams Park Umpire Program

In the words of an Umpire . . .

"Pride, honor, respect, love of the game, brotherhood, friendship, laughter, tears and nothing but pure fun. That is the best way I can describe the wild range of feelings and emotions I experienced the week . . . while umpiring at your Cooperstown Dreams Park."

Tim Allen
Clovis, CA

Cooperstown Dreams Park Umpire Program

In the words of an Umpire . . .

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. From opening day, the games, through the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony and receiving my ring ...... It was a Blast!! An umpire is suppose to be tough and have his heart on his sleeve. This place can bring an umpire to his knees. Thank you for the wonderful memories!"

Vince Garofalo
Clinton Twp., MI

Umpire Program Highlights

  • Six nights / seven days lodging in the Cooperstown Dreams Park Baseball Village.
  • Three meals per day provided at the Cooperstown Dreams Park dining facility.
  • Induction into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame (AYBHOF).
  • The coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring.
  • Two Cooperstown Dreams Park pro-style umpire jerseys.
  • A Cooperstown Dreams Park pullover.
  • A Cooperstown Dreams Park umpire t-shirt.
  • A Cooperstown Dreams Park combo hat.
  • A Cooperstown Dreams Park plate brush.
  • A Cooperstown Dreams Park ball bag.
  • A Cooperstown Dreams Park water bottle.
  • Cooperstown Dreams Park umpire trading pins.
  • A group umpire photograph.
  • Call an average of three games per day.
  • Experience quality youth baseball in a national invitational tournament.
  • Participation in the Cooperstown Dreams Park umpire orientation.
  • Uniform laundry service is provided for umpires (sign-up required).


  • Umpires must be 18 years or older.
  • Umpires must submit an umpire participation form and be approved by Cooperstown Dreams Park prior to attending.
Cooperstown Dreams Park Umpire Program Highlights
You can print your Umpire Participation Form by clicking below Link
Call Cooperstown Dreams Park today to request your Umpire Participation Form at 704-630-0050
Click here for the 2023 Umpire Program Participation Form
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You MUST include your PHONE NUMBER and FAX NUMBER when you e-mail Cooperstown Dreams Park. This will allow us to keep you informed about any immediate umpire program changes.


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