Cooperstown dreams park est. 1996
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Ambassador program

Cooperstown Dreams Park

Program Highlights

Located in the home of baseball, Cooperstown Dreams Park is a premier 22 field youth baseball tournament facility. The Cooperstown Dreams Park Experience, since 1996, offers more than baseball. This cultural and life enriching experience for team and family members will create memories to last a lifetime.

Cooperstown Dreams Park offers our players a chance to succeed, to savor their moment in the spotlight and to feel the excitement of success. We promote a healthy spirit of competition, while at the same time always maintaining traditional values and integrity of the game. Many coaches and parents have described their experience at Dreams Park as the highlight of their child’s life. It is that spirit that has made Cooperstown Dreams Park the “Crown Jewel of Youth Baseball.” We take pride in keeping the tradition of American’s game, baseball, in its purest form.

Qualified candidates must be committed to our staff’s mission of integrity, service, safety, courtesy and cleanliness.

  • Diverse work experience
  • College credit available
  • Weekly compensation
  • Room and board
  • Laundry service
  • Wireless internet


All Ambassadors are given the opportunity to concentrate in their area of interest, while at the same time developing an appreciation for how all departments work together to deliver the best possible experience for our guests.

It is the mission of the Ambassador Program to offer individuals the opportunity for employment at Cooperstown Dreams Park through the four levels of this program: credited internship, non-credited internship, Steward of the Game and residential employee. Each level will offer the participant an opportunity to be a member of the Cooperstown Dreams Park team, gain diverse work experience, and give back to youth and the game of baseball.


To qualify for the Ambassador Program, you must be at least 18 years of age, complete an application, the interview questionnaire, submit two letters of reference (cannot be from family members or friends), complete a satisfactory interview with Human Resources and the Director of your desired department, and pass a background investigation.

To receive college credit you must be enrolled in college and approved for the ambassadorship by your college and Cooperstown Dreams Park, as well as complete the above mentioned. Human Resources will work with college advisors to establish relationships and to ensure all appropriate documentation is completed in a timely manner.

To qualify to be a Steward of the Game you must be an alumnus of Cooperstown Dreams Park or have demonstrated a committed and lasting relationship with the game of baseball. In addition, Stewards of the Game must be 18 years of age as of the date employment at Cooperstown Dreams Park begins and must be committed to work full-time between May 12 and September 1st.

In addition, residential employees must be able to work through September 1st, 2023.

Cooperstown Dreams Park


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Guest Services
Responsible for greeting and checking in/out all Cooperstown Dreams Park coaches/counselors, campers and guests.
Responsible for the safe transport of all Cooperstown Dreams Park’s guests in need of assistance.
Responsible to assist the Operational team with the overall safety and welfare of all Cooperstown Dreams Park guests and employees. Security must have valid NYS Security license.
Baseball Operations
Responsible for the daily tournament operations which includes game play, scheduling, umpire transportation, game statistics and highlights, baseball information services, guest service, A.Y.B.H.O.F memorabilia collection and general office duties. Also responsible for the coordination and operation of events.
Duties include operating a cash register, food preparation, restocking products, and assisting guests. Also responsible for hawking select concession items on event nights. Must be able to stand for long periods of time.
Data Entry
Responsible for the entry into the inventory management system of all items received and issued, along with completing tournament reports.
Facilities Maintenance
Responsible for baseball field preparation and maintenance of a safe, clean environment for guests.
Responsible for maintaining grounds, including flowers and baseball fields.
Responsible for the maintenance and housekeeping duties of the Baseball Village and surrounding area. Overnight positions available.
Responsible for servicing all company owned equipment and vehicles while maintaining accurate service records.
Responsible for servicing and maintaining irrigation system.
Responsible for the maintenance of all Cooperstown Dreams Park buildings.
Human Resources
Responsible for employee check-in and -out and distributing apparel/equipment to employees. Employees should be comfortable using a computer and must be able to stand for long periods of time. Overnight positions available.
Duties include assisting in the hiring process, employee services, scheduling and answering Human Resources phone calls. Must be comfortable using a computer.
Responsible for the preparation and service of daily meals. Positions include supervisors, cooks4, prep cooks4, servers, and dishwashers. Must be able to stand for most of your shift and lift up to 50 pounds.
Responsible for 24-hour laundry service for our guests. Duties include washing, drying and pressing team, umpire and personal laundry. Overnight positions available.
Network & Media Solutions
Responsible for capturing footage of weekly activities, assembling edits for highlight video and operating cameras during live broadcasts.
Responsible for monitoring live-streamed games and cameras, performing camera maintenance, providing over-the-phone web stream and digital download support, and editing game footage.
Responsible for maintaining the Dreams Park network, computers and webcasting equipment.
Responsible for general office duties which include answering phone calls and emails, fielding/directing questions, guest service, and providing clerical support where needed. Employees should be comfortable using a computer and phone.
Responsible for capturing action, studio, and event photographs. Employees must be comfortable using a computer and possess knowledge of image editing, may occasionally be responsible for image processing.
Retail Center
Responsible for all sales activities and duties, from greeting guests, answering questions, offering assistance, suggesting items, lending opinions, provide product information and maintain our store’s visual appearance in high standards. Must also process payments and be able to deal with guest exchanges courteously and professionally.
Responsible for storage and issuing of all non-food inventories. Duties include guest service and cash handling for replacement items required for game play.
Responsible for the safe handling, storage and restocking of all Concessions.
Cooperstown Dreams Park

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer


How to Apply

All applications for the Ambassador Program are due no later than April 15, 2023.For more information or application please contact:

Cooperstown Dreams Park
Human Resources
4550 State Highway 28
Milford, NY 13807
(607) 547-4061


Program Benefits

American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame
Room and Board

Cooperstown Dreams Park is a camp environment, and your assigned clubhouse living arrangements will include a single bunk bed, footlocker for storage, 3 tier storage tote, and a hanging clothes rack.

Laundry Service

Cooperstown Dreams Park provides free laundry service to all Ambassadors during its operational season and there are laundry services available in Cooperstown.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered to all program participants.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is available on site but may be limited for use.

Program Bonus

Bonuses are discretionary upon the following stipulations. If he or she maintains good employment reviews and stays at least through his or her last day (as agreed on between the Ambassador and Human Resources at the time the employment arrangement commences).

The amount of the bonus will vary, and is influenced by several factors, including length of service time, performance evaluation, condition of living facility upon leaving and attitude. Bonuses are discretionary.

What to Bring

When packing for your stay at Cooperstown Dreams Park, pack the items you would bring with you to college; such as bedding (pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and twin sheets),  shower needs (toiletries, towels, shower shoes, etc.), uniform clothing (tan or navy pants, appropriate length shorts or skirts, two pairs of comfortable sneakers and work boots if needed), durable rain gear, computer (if needed), means of transportation if available, any items to keep you occupied during non-work hours (board games, card games, books, etc.), two extended neck locks and a fan. Keep in mind that temperatures can be extremely hot and quite cool; especially during the first week and last week, when nighttime lows can dip into the 40s.