America's Baseball Summer Camp
Cooperstown, NY - Home of Cooperstown Dreams Park and the National Baseball Hall of Fame

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DREAMS PARK LEGACY “An experience that lasts a lifetime”
Called America's hometown Baseball Summer Camp, discover Cooperstown Dreams Park. Cooperstown Dreams Park recaptures baseball tradition in the most unique tournament in the country. - “A Summer Tradition”. Participants develop an appreciation for tradition, values of faith, country and baseball. The Cooperstown Dreams Park Legacy starts with our name Dreams Park, inspiring our youth...the pride of the present the hope of the future… to dream…dream to be whatever they want to be and use the fundamental principles of baseball …team, hardwork, sportsmanship and their time at Dreams Park as a reminder that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. The greatest players have a .300 batting average, meaning they fail 7 out of 10 times and they are still the greatest, our message to your players is to never give up.

These principles, more than any home run or no hitters, are the true Legacy of Cooperstown Dreams Park and they are the prime building blocks of the young men and women our alumni become. Cooperstown, NY, home of the prestigious American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Invitational Tournaments. Someday our Little Majors will be able to bring their sons and daughters to Cooperstown, the Ultimate Baseball Destination, and continue The Cooperstown Dreams Park Tradition. A must youth baseball experience for 12U baseball families.

Be a part of Cooperstown Dreams Park…”A story to be told…about feelings…a place in time…a time you never want to end…Don’t let it pass you by… Cooperstown Dreams Park, a place where traditional values live…a place where champions are born”

Come to America’s hometown, Cooperstown, NY the home of Cooperstown Dreams Park and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Playing in Cooperstown means playing at Cooperstown Dreams Park.


Ranked #1 - The One and Only...Cooperstown...
Cooperstown Dreams Park -
The Ultimate Baseball Destination...

Cooperstown Baseball Tournament Experience

Home of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Invitational Tournaments

Since our beginning in 1996, Cooperstown Dreams Park has done much more then host baseball tournaments. Dreams Park’s mission is to provide a life enriching experience for young boys and girls who love the game of baseball. By stepping up to the plate, regardless of outcome, all players leave with a sense of pride, dignity and accomplishment. Cooperstown Dreams Park offers an all-inclusive Baseball Summer Camp Experience and world class facility for teams, families and friends. Games are played, without time limits, on real grass fields. As a family baseball park featuring fun and excitement, friends and families spend their vacations here watching teams from around the country play baseball in Cooperstown. Celebrating over 25 years as America's premier baseball summer camp… Experience the Difference. A Summer Tradition, Cooperstown Dreams Park, “Where baseball present meets the traditional values of baseball past.”

Join us for a truly memorable experience - Cooperstown Dreams Park 2023. "Memories that last a lifetime". Playing in the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame Invitational Tournaments at Cooperstown Dreams Park is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your baseball community. Playing in Cooperstown means playing at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Conveniently located 4 short miles from downtown Cooperstown. Secure your registration, book today.

"A Summer Tradition"