Cooperstown dreams park est. 1996
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Cooperstown Dreams Park

Baseball Pin Trading

The youth tournament baseball pin trading phenomenon started at Cooperstown Dreams Park in 1996. Baseball Pin Trading was introduced at Cooperstown Dreams Park as part of our mission to provide players and fans with a cultural exchange and life-enriching experience.

Teams and family members bring unique customized pins that represent their teams and communities.

Each tournament season over 1 million pins are traded at Cooperstown Dreams Park, making it the largest youth baseball pin trading venue in the country.

Baseball Pin Trading is an integral part of the Dreams Park Experience and in the Cooperstown community, pins from Cooperstown Dreams Park teams, umpires, and fans can be found displayed in many local businesses.

Cooperstown Dreams Park Pin Shop will have a full line of special trading pins to purchase throughout your tournament.

Pin Trading Schedule and Locations

*Pin trading locations will be open in zones daily throughout the park when games are being played

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do just players trade pins?
No, don’t forget siblings, they love to trade while their brothers and sisters are playing, as do umpires, fans and other guests.
How should I keep my pins for trading?
We have pin towels and pin bags in our pin shop.
Should we remove the individual packaging of the pins prior to arrival?
Yes, It is suggested that prior to arrival, you unwrap your pins and divide them per player.
I’ve heard teams bring multiple pins is that suggested?
Some teams do bring multiple sizes or colors of pins to enhance their trading. It is not required, it is up to your team what pins they would like to bring. No matter how many pins your team brings, pin trading is a great experience.
How many pins do you suggest?
We have up to 104 teams so we suggest around 125 pins so the players have some extra to trade with Umpires, guests, and to trade for extra pins teams might have.
Is the goal to collect every teams pin?
Part of the Dreams Park Experience is to encourage team interaction and collect all the teams that are at your tournament.
Where are the best places to trade at Cooperstown Dreams Park?
Pin trading happens throughout the park along with pin trading events at designated times daily.
Other than team pins what kind of pins are available to traded or given away?
As part of our pin program there will be several special pins that will be able to be earned traded throughout the tournament. We also offer a line of exclusive pins in our Dreams Park Pin Shop.

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