Cooperstown dreams park est. 1996

2025 Registration Details and Key Dates

“Experience More at Dreams Park”

Road to Cooperstown Service Commitment ‐
Through the Registration Experience you will receive multiple phone calls and correspondence from the Baseball Operations team. The Dreams Park team is here to help you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

Experience More at Dreams Park


“There is nothing like Dreams Park”

  • Players' Gear
    • Player Home and Away Jerseys and Socks
    • Player Game Hat
    • Player Tournament Shirt
    • Player Long Sleeve Performance Shirt
    • Player Batting Practice Jacket
    Coaches' gear
    • Player Home and Away Polos
    • Player Game Hat
    • Player Pullover Jacket
    • Player Batting Practice Jacket
    Team Gear
    • Player Scorebook
    • Player Lineup Cards
    • Player Backpack
    • Player Ball Bucket
  • Meals
    • Player Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Daily
    • Player Special Diet Accommodations Available
    • Player 24-Hour Coffee Service
    • Player Team Clubhouses Are Fully Air-Conditioned
    • Player Team Gear Storage and Picnic Table Area
    • Player Batting Cages And Practice Field
    Uniform Cleaning Service
    • Player Teams drop off uniforms after the completion of their last game daily.

      Uniforms are ready for pick-up daily at 6am.

Photo/Video Pass


Get more out of your visit. Bring your memories home. Capture and share your Cooperstown Dreams Park photos with ExperienceMaker. You don’t have to decide which of your one-of-a-kind Dreams Park experience photos you want to keep. You’ll get them all to share now and cherish forever. One archive access for digital photos, studio session, videos and streaming during your tournament session, unless there are unforeseen weather or technology issues. During your tournament session, visit the Cooperstown Dreams Park website, hover over Teams and select My Team, log into your profile and select ExperienceMaker. Your ExperienceMaker will be activated seven days before your tournament session. Purchase is nonrefundable. Your team has the option to purchase photos and videos individually if you opt to not add the ExperienceMaker.

The ExperienceMaker code gives access to:

  • Digital downloads for all game photos, community photos, team photo and baseball card (photographers are at all day games)
  • Live streaming of all games, ceremonies and skills competitions
  • Digital downloads of streamed games
  • Digital download of studio session player interview
  • Prints of team photo and baseball cards delivered onsite
  • Each ExperienceMaker holder also receives 5 free additional “community access codes” for family and friends to stream live games and ceremonies.
Experience More at Dreams Park

You do not have to purchase the ExperienceMaker. But if you think you will want to purchase more than a few photos, downloads or have multiple people streaming, the ExperienceMaker is a much more economical option:

Per Roster Member Total
ExperienceMaker Cost $1,295
$99.62 ($1,295 ÷ 13 members) $86.33 ($1,295 ÷ 15 members)
A La Carte Retail Value $242.92
ExperienceMaker Savings
$143.30 ($242.92 – $99.62) $156.59 ($242.92 – $86.33)

You can opt to purchase individual photos and videos a la carte.
To give you an idea of photo, video and download purchases/prices are generally about:

Summary Total
Digital download photos (average of 2 photos per player - most ordered team photo and personalized baseball card x $29.99 a la carte) $59.98
Live streaming of all games and ceremonies (average of 3 family members having game specific tournament session access x $19.99 a la carte) $59.97
Digital download of streamed games (average 2 downloads per player x $29.99 a la carte) $59.98
Digital download of studio session player interview $29.99
Team Photo Print (4 x 6) $8.00
Baseball Cards Prints (16) $25.00
A La Carte Retail Value $242.92

*Take advantage of the savings with the ExperienceMaker. Photo-Video//Tag//Post!

Registration Details And Key Dates

Entrance Fee Schedule

(All fees are non-refundable upon payment of the Second Installment)

  • 1 Registration Deposit $ 1,000 with registration form
  • 2 November 1, 2024 $ 3,000
  • 3 March 1, 2025 Final balance due

*Payment plan options available

Summary Total
Number of Players and Coaches on Roster 13
Per Participant Fee $1,295
Facilities Fee $800
ExperienceMaker-Photo/VideoPass $1,295
Deposits/Payments $4,000
Sample Calculations
Players and Coaches Cost 13 x $1,295 = $16,835
Facilities Fee + $800
ExperienceMakerPhoto/Video Pass + $1,295
Deposits/Payments – $4,000
Final Balance Due $14,930
Experience More at Dreams Park

Please contact Baseball Operations with any question at

WP (607) 547-4061

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