Each year, the participants in Cooperstown Dreams Park’s national invitational tournaments, regardless of outcome, are inducted into the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame in honor of their accomplishments. Upon induction, each Dreams Park participant receives the coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring and officially becomes one of the Cooperstown Dreams Park Little Majors. The photo of each team will be commemorated as an element of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame online experience. In the not-too-distant future, each will also be able to see memorabilia from their week at Cooperstown Dreams Park in the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame archives.

Our inaugural inductees made history in 1996 becoming the first ten-, eleven- and twelve-year-olds to play ball in the mythical setting of Cooperstown, New York. Each player and coach had the privilege of visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to observe the great relics of our national game. Our curator and staff are collecting home run and no-hitter balls, uniforms, banners, hats, bats, and other important artifacts, each of which tells a small part of the story of Cooperstown Dreams Park.

Ultimately, Dreams Park alums will be able to re-create memories of their youth and see themselves and their teammates immortalized on the walls of the virtual gallery. The collections are growing, and each new group of inductees helps to make the dream of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame a reality. Someday our Little Majors will be able to bring their sons and daughters to Cooperstown to witness their glory days in the annals of youth baseball history.