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Cooperstown Dreams Park
4550 State Highway 28
Milford, NY 13807
(607) 547- 4061

If you have questions please contact the Human Resource Department at 607-547-4061.


Our mission is to provide a cultural and life-enriching experience for young boys and girls who love the game of baseball. Cooperstown Dreams Park is a family baseball park featuring fun and excitement; friends and families spend their vacations here, watching teams from around the country play baseball.


Our goal is to serve our guests promptly and with an upbeat, pleasant attitude.


Our reputation as one of the cleanest parks in the nation is due to the efforts of all of our employees. All employees have the basic responsibility to keep not only their work areas, but the entire Dreams Park clean.


Cooperstown Dreams Park places the highest regard on the safety of both our guests and our employees. Safety is everyone's responsibility and we expect each employee to do his or her part to maintain a "safe-minded" operation.


The most effective method of public relations is courtesy. Although our guests visit by the thousands, each one deserves to be treated with respect as an individual. We want each guest to feel welcome.


A person's integrity is reflected in their sense of honesty, their adherence to high principles and their honorable conduct. The highest degree of integrity is required of all Cooperstown Dreams Park employees.

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  • Enthusiastic, motivated and personable
  • Able to deal effectively with the public in a fast-paced environment
  • Honesty and reliability a must
  • Must maintain a well-groomed and professional appearance at all times
  • Willingness to work flexible hours (including weekends) and assist in other positions as business warrants
  • Must have the ability to follow instructions
America's First and Foremost Youth Baseball Experience


  • FACILITIES MAINTENANCE(Fields, Grounds, Mechanic ShopIrrigation, General & Village)
  • NETWORK & MEDIA SOLUTIONS (Videography, Production & Technology)
  • RETAIL CENTER(Engraving Shop, Clothing andSouvenir and Photo Center)
  • STOREHOUSE(Food & General)

2014 Cooperstown Dreams Park College Scholarship Winners(Left to Right) Thomas (Parker) Fish, Emily Carson, Amanda Fink, Rebecca Harris,Matt Hulbert & Lucas Davis

2014 Cooperstown Dreams Park 10 year Employees(Left to Right) Pete Monser, Jack Gardner, Matthew Dropchinski, Cyndy Marino-Burgess Dennis Beckwith (not pictured: James Duncan)

2014 Cooperstown Dreams Park 15 year Employees (Left to Right) Jordan Jaquay, Nathan Field, Dana Conte

2013 Cooperstown Dreams Park College Scholarship Winners (Left to Right) Ann Hesler, Chelsea Foster, Jaclyn Courter, Elijah Coley, Kendra Bressett & Marina Steele

2013 Cooperstown Dreams Park Staff - 15 Year Employees (Left to Right) Stefanie Banks. Ronald Hanson, Emery Kane and Geoff Davis

2013 Cooperstown Dreams Park Staff - 15 Year Employees (Left to Right) Cecil Douglas (18 years), Colleen Covert (17 years) and Mary Sparaco (18 years)

2013 Cooperstown Dreams Park Staff - 10 Year Employees (Left to Right) Court Young, James Collins and Joshua Young

2012 Cooperstown Dreams Park College Scholarship Winners (left to right) Eryn Bass, Raymond Burdick, Cassandra Brown, Michelle Weigel Not pictured: Brad Levy & Chelsea Wood

2011 Cooperstown Dreams Park College Scholarship Winners (left to right) Rachel (Bayla) Akulin, Sara Bomba, Jessica Bentley, Linda Davis (Human Resource Director), Jaxel Rojas, Joel Rojas and Lwigy Collado

2010 Cooperstown Dreams Park College Scholarship Winners (left to right) Phillip Harris, Megan Shirey, Lindsay Domion and Nicole Frank Not pictured: Brian Roberts and Lee Munio

2009 Cooperstown Dreams Park College Scholarship Winners (left to right) Ryan Huggins, John Dillon, Nicole Dulkis and Daniel Olivieri Not pictured: Michaela Bliss and Kyle McGillivray

2008 Cooperstown Dreams Park Scholarship Winners (left to right) Chris Mackay, James Webster, Charles Hollister, William Carius and Andrea Fournier. Not pictured: Nakita Baldic.

2007 Cooperstown Dreams Park Scholarship Winners Jenn Allen, Chris Brown, Ellen Hollister, Chirag Patel, Joslyn Soule and Sara Stevens.

2008 Dreams Park Staff - 10 Year Employees (left to right) Margaret McGown, Marolyn Kellner, Mike Walter, Emery Kane, Brandon Coones, Ron Hanson and Geoff Davis. Not pictured: Stephanie Banks.