Cooperstown Dreams Park - A Summer Tradition
Cooperstown Dreams Park

WEEK #10

Aug 11-17, 2007


King Of Swat
Finalist's Name Home Runs
1st Robert Monchak (Nor Cal Grizzlies, CA) 7
2nd Alec Daniele (Hardball, FL) 6
3rd Addison Parrish (Lake Norman Nitro, NC) 4
4th Tom Wagner (North Coast Stars, NY) 3
5th Jeffrey Murtaugh (Beachwood Spiders, OH) 2
Desmond McMurran (Manteo Blue Claws, NC) 2
Benjamin Moller (Bucks County Mavericks, PA) 2
Raymond Williams (Chicago North Shore Sharks, IL) 2
9th Brendan Oreilly (Northborough Mudcats, MA) 1
10th Jack Morris (Towamencin Titans, PA) 0

Around The Horn Plus
Team Name Time
1st NY Bulldogs (NY) 25.13
2nd CNY Major League All Stars I (NY) 28.94
3rd Ramsey Renegades (NJ) 32.22
4th Chicago North Shore Stars (IL) 34.25
5th CCC Rockers (CA) 36.09
6th Hardball (FL) 47.97

Golden Arm
Finalist's Name Points
1st Charles Fiskio (Branford Baseball Club, CT) 5
2nd Stuart Spradling Iii (Columbia Rockhounds, MO) 4
3rd Chris Dunn (Andover Warriors, MA) 3
Tommy Mahoney (Southwick Storm, MA) 3
5th Tommy Reighard (Westlake Demons, OH) 0
Cameron Sellers (South Carolina Storm, SC) 0
7th Mike Hunter (Brandywine Blast, PA) 3
Bryan Previte (Southern Connecticut Force, CT) 3
Vincent Leoni (West Valley Hawks, CA) 3
Jack Gregson (Santa Barbara Islanders, CA) 3
Brett Newman (Bucks County Mavericks, PA) 3

Road Runner
Finalist's Name Time
1st Evan Stern (Jersey Bulldogs, NJ) 12.78
2nd Danny Stepler (Susquehanna River Raiders, PA) 12.87
3rd Chris Kerr (Towamencin Titans, PA) 12.94
4th Nick Sharrow (Chicago North Shore Stars, IL) 13.07
5th Mark Zavrl (Andover Warriors, MA) 13.19
6th Isaac Taylor (Delaware Thunder, DE) 13.57

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Report Date/Time: August 15, 2007/11:20 AM

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